People are always asking me about the perfect location for portrait sessions and it’s a hard question to answer. I like any place that has great natural light, beautiful surroundings, not too crowded and ideally has some special meaning to the subjects. That doesn’t exactly make you think of your local Target store, does it? Me neither, but then the other day I saw a picture of a mom pushing her babies in that happy red shopping cart we are all so familiar with, and immediately I thought I need to do a self portrait with my kiddos.

I seem to spend way too much time at this store and my kids love it too. Maybe it’s all the impulse buys, dollar aisles and cheap scarves and sunglasses. I’m not sure exactly why, but I think Target is one of the places that defines my life as a mom. So why not capture it for my girls to remember when they’re older. I can still remember shopping at Woolworth with my Nonna and being good so I could get a grilled cheese and a milkshake at the counter. How I wish I had a photo of that! I can picture it in my mind. Shot from behind, my little legs too short to reach the ground. There would probably even be some motion blur as I tried to make that little counter stool spin around.

So anyways, back to Target. We had to go there today to get some things for our Memorial Day block party and I decided to bring my camera. I knew the logistics of setting up a tri-pod and shooting a self portrait would be out of the question but I had a feeling my girls would love this idea. After all, the store is full of free props and accessories. What’s not to like? Turns out the glossy white floors make a great reflector and we captured some really fun moments. If you like the happy red baskets as much as I do, you might like this video as well. It might even make you think about what your perfect picture location would be.